Saturday, October 29, 2011

Quick Photo Post and Request for Help!

Hi everyone! This will be a quick photo post...I know I've not written much this much (heck, not at all!). Trust me that it's been super busy here and the weather has finally cooled off so there is a lot more to do when I have time off. I'll do my best to write more again soon, but in the meantime, here are some more photos!
Having a bit of fun at the Irish Harp...I can't hear you!

This little guy (named him Mortimer) was hanging out at the villa...seemed suspicious of me.

A customer took this photo and posted it on our Facebook page...a bit blurry, but a good shot overall.
Shows you a bit of the shop and what I look like 54+ hours a week!

Sunsetting...on our way to the beach....over the dunes and through the sand!

Sand Duning and Overnight Camping on the Beach....So fun, so beautiful, so scary!
We went through that waterto the other side...
View from the top of the Dunes....we'd just come from that direction!

Another view from the top...Breathtaking!
We were just down in that valley...those are our fresh tracks!

Lindsay and I at the Ministry of Sound Beach Party...Fun times at the InterConteniental Hotel

Photo of Doha...on the Corniche

Doha Skyline at sunset

This was dinner one night...Lobster with good (La Dolce Vita at Souq Waqif)

I can't seem to get this next photo to rotate properly...but it's a recipe I made with my mom, but I didn't keep the actual recipe! It's called "Apple Cheesecake Breakfast Bars" and if you can help me find the recipe I'd be so grateful! I've done internet searches and can't seem to find it! It was in one of those small recipe books they sell at the checkstand of grocery May.

Apple Cheesecake Breakfast Bars...HELP!
UPDATE: My brilliant friend, Kathy, quickly found the recipe!! Check it out here! Thanks Kathy!

Enjoy with Love,

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